Sunday, February 24, 2008

Simple Skirt

For those that know me, they know I love rules. Rules make my life easier. HOWEVER, I have one exception to this. Patterns. I loathe patterns. I would rather try and fail than cut and try to read a pattern. I think it stems from my nasty algebra teacher in Junior High. Anyways, I found this fabric a while ago on clearance while perusing a fabric store. The Princess has a sweater in the exact shade of blue. Fate...I think so! So a few measurements later, we have a new skirt.


Chel said...

Very cute! I'm getting a little more confident on my sewing and sometimes realize actually sewing with a pattern is harder :) I just don't have your talent for creativity and such.

Debbie said...

Darling! I too am working on my sewing skills - maybe someday I will perfect my skills enough to make a skirt! Keep up the good work.

ellen said...

cute skirt!!