Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Skirt Frenzy


Char said...

Love 'em! Did you use a pattern or just wing it? Macy and I have a date to hit the fabric shop this week for that very same purpose.

daiseymae said...

They turned out so cute.

Jessica said...

I love the skirts!!!! Hey I just wanted to tell you that I am such a fan of your hair blog...I was looking to put a comment on there but couldn't find a spot...I'm new to this whole blog thing. Anyways I nanny my four nieces and I have to tell you that your hairblog is the talk of our family. I am sure you are terribly busy but maybe you could do a few new postings. Its been awhile and my neices and I have tried almost all of the styles on there. It is the only way they will let me do something fun with their hair. I let them pick out a style everyday. Anyways hopefully you can find some time to put up some new creations :)
Your biggest hair fan lol :)